The team of Rail Academy Vienna is in London to further expand their international relationships. We thank Colin Charman FCIRO - President of European Training Centre for Railways (ETCR) and Chris Boyce - Managing Director of SmoothtraxGroup for the interesting discussions.

We are at a historic location to expand our entrepreneurial activities. Over 40 years ago, the vision was born here to construct a tunnel through the English Channel and create Europe's first interoperable railway system. This vision was as visionary as our own - to revolutionize the European rail industry through a unified operating language and efficient cross-border transportation.

Now, in the birthplace of the railway, we are preparing to expand into additional countries - after Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary, as well as finding cooperation partners in other countries. Together with our partners, we aim to become a multinational company and sustainably shape the future of the European railway world.


Europe is facing the challenge of achieving its ambitious Green Deal objectives. A key aspect of this is the shift of goods and people to rail transport. This necessitates a significant expansion of infrastructure capacities. Optimized capacity management is crucial to avoid waste. The CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) welcomes the recent proposals regarding the use of railway infrastructure as a crucial step.

In this context, we at the Rail Academy Vienna are developing an innovative training program for the operational management sector of railway companies. We are revolutionizing the training of dispatchers responsible for the meaningful utilization of capacities. Our international focus ensures interoperability and efficient logistics services across borders. This guarantees uniform competency levels in the industry.